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Arnion - ἀρνίον.  From the Greek meaning 'a lamb'. A simple, sweet, cuddly creature – yet in the Book of Revelation – 'the lamb', ἀρνίον, is the symbol of so much more.
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Arnion 10 - The Bride

Arnion 9 - The Prostitute

Arnion 8 - The Court

Arnion 7 - The Animal


Revelation, the last book of the Bible, is full of images, allusions and symbols. Some of the descriptions give rise to fear and may scare some people. the Lamb Films like the Terminator series have been developed from the frightening imagery. That fear means many avoid the last book of the Bible, and thus sadly miss an important message of good news.
Arnion brings that message to life in a mixture of through provoking dramas and simple, plain English explanations.  This ten-part television series will give you a practical introduction to this important book.
Don't be put off by all the symbols, the beasts, and those who have turned it into a book for fear-mongers and conspiracy theorists.  Join us instead on a positive journey, discovering the major themes and the hope that is to be found in Jesus Christ.
Focused on 'Arnion' the man at the centre of the book, programmes will share personal perspectives on justice, meaning, the future, and many other topics.  It will tackle the issues surrounding the battle between Christ and Satan, between good and evil.  The series will pursue this climatic fight from its beginning to the end of the world.

The aim of Arnion is to personally to inspire you to discover anew the book of Revelation. It will share the Christian hope to be found in Jesus Christ and the positive future he promises.

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